Arden Jewelry Design was founded by Sara Pollack in the summer of 2007 to fill a need that she saw for quality, unique jewelry. Sara has always had a passion for one of a kind pieces, as well as a hidden creative side. Through her work Sara strives to create timeless and distinctive pieces of jewelry of the highest quality. She uses only the best stones and metals in the jewelry she produces. Sara's goal is for the recipient to feel special and elegant when wearing one of her designs.


Sara Pollack, Arden Jewlery Design, photo by Robin Barrett


When selecting materials Sara looks for unique colors and textures. She imagines how the different colors and textures will play together, and the type of statement the final piece will make. Sara often mixes unusual components, such as quartz chips and pearls. This combination is a reflection of Sara and of Arden Jewelry Design - delicate and sweet, but a little edgy at the same time. 


As no two women are the same, no two pieces are the same. The styles Sara produces vary from the very sophisticated to almost whimsical. All of her pieces are hand made, and can never be mass produced.

Originally from New York, Sara has lived in the Washington, DC region for over a decade. Her earliest memories of creating are of painting watercolors while sitting at her toy kitchen in pre-school. She began making jewelry in middle school, and has studied at the Huntington Art League on Long Island and the Corcoran College of Art + Design in Washington, DC. 

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